Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call

Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Predator Call

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Product Description

    *May only be used for wolf, coyote, bobcat and lynx when hunting in BC 
    • All Authentic Live Recordings
    • Push Button Operation
    • Adjustable Volume Dial
    • Auto Shut Off
    • Operates on 3 AAA Batteries (included)

      Included Sounds:

      • Coyote Locator- The locator call of an adult female coy
      • Coyote Food Fight – Coyotes fighting over food; attracts all other coyotes
      • Cottontail Distress – The high pitched squeal means an easy meal to a coyote
      • Jack Distress –  A low pitched distress call with drawn out tones
      • Baby Jack Distress – The eerie sound of a baby jackrabbit in trouble